Top Best No Monthly Fee Car GPS Tracker 2023

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Zero Fee GPS Tracker: Top Best No Monthly Fee Car GPS Tracker 2023

If you are on this page just because you are looking for no monthly fee car GPS trackers that are also reliable and top best free, this is the best GPR trackers guideline you can get on the web.

In recent years, GPS has become one of the most useful instruments for any car. GPS (Global Positioning System) assists with positioning, navigation, and timing.

It captures all motions and locations of the item to which it is connected. It is incredibly useful for car owners since it protects against theft and offers safe navigation.

There is no question that GPS is an essential piece of equipment, as it is frequently highlighted in road trip guidelines.

Many car owners, however, are afraid to spend money on this add-on, and it is apparent that they are unaware that a worthwhile GPS tracker may give safe navigation, optimal route calculation, theft prevention, movement alerts, and so on.

How Much Does a GPS Tracker Cost Per Month?

It is determined by the numerous functions of a GPS tracker as well as the firm that provides GPS services.

Typically, you must pay for the GPS tracking gadget up front, followed by a monthly subscription.

The monthly membership fee of a paid GPS tracker typically ranges from $8 to $40, depending on the number of features provided by that GPS tracker.

Is There a GPS Tracker for Free?

Many programs, such as Google Maps and Family Link, offer free GPS tracking services; however, if you want a 24/7 GPS tracking service utilizing a specialized hardware device, you must pay for the GPS tracking equipment.

Here are some of the top 8 GPS trackers for automobiles that do not require a monthly subscription charge; instead, you just need to pay for their GPS monitoring gadget once.

4G Vync Pro

If you really want to improve your car’s safety features, you should get this powerful GPS tracker with no monthly subscription.

This Vync Pro 4G with an OBD-II port connection not only provides real-time geofencing, but also assists you with various additional tasks such as your car’s speed alarm, fuel statistics, and mileage report.

It may be costly for some, but this one-time investment can provide you with detailed geofencing reports, GPS records, fuel/mileage reports, and speed/brake/rapid acceleration alarms.


It is without a doubt one of the best vehicle GPS trackers with no monthly cost due to its reasonable pricing and numerous capabilities that are equally compatible with iOS and Android apps.

It is a tiny and portable GPS tracking gadget that can deliver different reports on GPS location, speed, and mileage in real-time.

It can also enable geofencing and save a comprehensive history of position data. You simply need to purchase the appropriate SIM card, the device, and the battery, and you’ll be ready to go for detailed automobile GPS monitoring with no monthly costs.

It is a magnetic GPS tracker that provides basic automobile GPS monitoring with no monthly subscription; but, if you desire more complex functions, an upgraded plan may demand a monthly cost. It may also give comprehensive annual reports on cloud storage that are accessible at any time.

The GPSit 1000BZL

It is a comprehensive tracking gadget that can track speed, mileage, and idle time, and provide a detailed log.

It is also LTE compatible, so it runs smoothly and you can simply get all of the latest updates on your phone.


It’s a magnetic GPS tracker for autos with no monthly fees. It is simple to install, and you can easily track the specific car’s whereabouts using its own dedicated app.

The Megantic GPS tracker is also water resistant, making it suitable for all seasons.

ST-901L – SinoTrack

SinoTrack is a reliable brand, and its ST-901 model is a dependable 4G GPS tracker with a variety of advanced features such as geo-fencing and remote tracking.

The smart SMS functionality also allows you to remotely turn off the engine. Simply buy this waterproof 4G tracker and a SIM card to get free GPS monitoring services.

GL300W Americaloc

It is a portable GPS tracker with no monthly fees or contract changes.

You simply need to buy this portable equipment to get multi-carrier coverage of your vehicle’s position every minute.



Invoxia GPS tracker
Invoxia GPS tracker

The Invoxia GPS tracker is an excellent device that helps with automotive GPS monitoring while incurring no monthly costs.

The movement alert, which sends an alarm as soon as the designated car moves, is its main feature, making it particularly valuable in theft prevention.

Geo-fencing, real-time GPS reporting, historical location data recording, and an SOS/Panic button are all completely compatible with iOS and Android.

Best No Monthly Fee Car GPS Tracker 2023 – Final Thought

Having seen the Zero Fee GPS Tracker with zero monthly fees for car trackers, you should try it out if you are in need of one of these in 2023. If you have questions or any related bothering comments; use the comment box below and you will get a response as soon as possible.

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