10 Best GPS Trackers for Your Car, Kids, and Pets

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So, you’re on the hunt for GPS trackers? Whether it’s for your car, kids, or pets (or maybe all three!), we’ve got you covered. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. That’s why we’ve rounded up the 10 best GPS trackers out there to help you make your decision.

Best GPS Trackers For Your Car

  1. GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Mini Magnetic GPS Real-Time Car Finder, Micro GPS Tracking Device, Full Global Coverage Long Standby GSM SIM GPS Tracker for Location of Vehicle, Car, and Person. Not Signed Up required.
Best GPS Trackers For Your Car
Best GPS Trackers For Your Car

Special Feature: Magnetic, Real Time, Waterproof, Black. Also, Technology for connection is via Wireless.  The Alarm Is a Supported in the Application.

Other Features About this Tracker

Record Track Use a magnetic GPS tracker for 24-hour recording, location and sound monitoring, a mini tracker that is small and hard to find, security, tracking, monitoring, emergency alarm, management, and many other functions, cell phone remote control, and a safe tracking device for your vehicle assets, elderly, children, spouse, pets, etc.

“Simple To Use” All you need is a working SIM card, which is not included, to put in the car tracker. Then, you can use Google Maps to track and map the car in real time over the Internet.

(Magnetic & Mini Case】 The GPS tracker is small (1.37 x 0.78 x 0.55 inches) and light (1.05 ounces).

It has a magnetic case that is waterproof and rainproof, and it has two strong magnets that hold it tightly to the car and won’t let it fall off easily.

“Real-Time Location” covers the whole world, doesn’t require a membership, and is free for life. The mini tracking gadget is made to find lost seniors, children, pets, luggage, wallets and cars (like a rental car, truck, motorbike, freezer, boat, etc.) in real time.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll fix your trouble right away. You can Buy this Tracker HERE!

  1. Vape and Wires GPS Tracker – Vape and Wires GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Mini Magnetic GPS Real-Time Car Locator, Full USA Coverage, No Monthly Fee, Long Standby GSM SIM GPS Tracker for Vehicle/Car/Person Model 2022A
    Special Feature: nana
    Application Supported: nana
    Smartphones are compatible.
Best GPS Trackers For Your Car
Best GPS Trackers For Your Car

Other Features About this Tracker

[Sound Monitoring, Track Recording]Use a GPS logger to record, track, and listen to sounds. Set up various features for security, tracking, surveillance monitoring, emergency alarms, and management. Support mobile phone handling from afar. Ideal for keeping track of cars, kids, spouses, old people, or other valuables.

[Simple to Use] – All you need is a working SIM card (Note: SIM is not included) to put in the car tracker. There’s no need to install it, and you can track and map (with Google Maps) in real time over the Internet.

Positioning in real time – Dial the number on the SIM card, and you’ll be able to hear voices around the tracker. Since there’s no light and no noise, you can keep an eye on what’s going on around the tracker in secret.

[Really tiny and magnetic]This GPS Tracker is very small (1.57 by 0.91 by 0.61 inches) and light (1.06 ounces). works everywhere, has two strong magnets inside, and is easy to secure to a car.

[Customer Satisfaction of 100%] -We want you to have a good time when you buy and use our products. Certainly, if you have any questions about our goods after you’ve bought them. Feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll fix your trouble right away. You can Buy this Tracker HERE!

Best GPS Trackers For Your Kids

  1. Daioloes – Designed specifically for kids, this tracker is small and lightweight, making it easy for them to carry around. It has real-time location tracking, geofencing, and can even notify you if they leave a designated area. Plus, it has a long battery life. This is a type of parent GPS trackers that is among the recommended.
GPS for kids
GPS for kids

The Daioloes GPS Tracker for Kids, Pets, Dogs, Luggage, No Monthly Fee, Item Finder, Real-Time Global Tracking Device, Waterproof. Apple’s Mini Tag works with it.

Find My App, iOS (Black), Brand Daioloes, Unique FeatureGPS-compatible devices that are waterproof and come in black.About this smartphone.

Other Features About this Tracker

It has NO MONTHLY FEE – Once you buy it, you can use it forever. Find My app lets you connect to your phone right away with just one tap.

Use Anywhere in the World: Global tracking as long as an Apple device is close.

Small and sturdy, measuring 1.6 inches by 1.6 inches, with a CR2032 battery that can be replaced and has a long idle time.

Wide Coverage: Turn on “Lost Mode” to be warned instantly when it is close to an Apple device.

Easy to Find: Use the app to make the device play a sound to find something quickly.
Privacy: To protect your privacy, all of your data is anonymous and encrypted, and your position and records are never kept.

You can Buy this Tracker HERE!

  1. Tracki GPS Tracker – Tracki GPS Tracker for Car, Kids, Dogs, Motorcycle, and Other Vehicles. Tracking device with 4G LTE and GPS. Unlimited US and International Distance. Small Portable Real time Mini Magnetic. Needs a subscription. However, Tracki GPS tracker is a family GPS tracker that every parent should consider.
10 Best GPS Trackers for Your Car, Kids, and Pets
10 Best GPS Trackers for Your Car, Kids, and Pets

Special Feature: Portable,Waterproof,Magnetic
How to Connect: Technology Wireless
Alarm is a supported application.

Other Features About this Tracker

Tracking in real time over any distance with 4G LTE and extra triband. There is a monthly fee. Coverage in the US and around the world.

There is also an international SIM card. We are a GPS tracking business based in the United States. All of our competitors are white label dealers.

Top cell phone companies like Vodafone are among our clients. Track Vehicles, Cars, Trucks, Children, Dogs, Elderly, Motorcycle, ATV, Boat, Equipment, Tools, Assets, Valuables. A monthly fee of 19.95 USD is needed, but long-term prepaid plans can be as cheap as 9.95 USD.

Tracki is the smallest and lightest at 1.75 by 1.5 by 0.55 inches and 1.26 ounces. The revolutionary mix of 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G works with any network, new or old, for the best service. Trackers that only have 4G LTE don’t cover as much ground as Tracki.

It comes with a built-in SIM card and can be used anywhere in the world. Attachments like a strong magnet, a waterproof rubber cover for the dog collar, a belt clip, a key chain, and a keychain are all included.

The past 5 years. We think the customer is king and offer live phone advisors seven days a week.
The battery can last up to 5 days (the more it moves, the fewer days it lasts), and it tracks real time every 1–5 minutes.

If you don’t need to track in real time, the battery will last 30-75 days if you only track 1-3 times per day (while in battery save mode).

Optional addition (not included, ASIN B07YVNV82V) comes with a 3,500mAh battery that lasts 6 times longer and a sticky waterproof box.

This extends the battery life to 3–4 weeks with a 1-minute update and up to 10 months with a once-a-day update.

When outside, it uses GPS satellites as its main tracking method. When inside, it uses Wi-Fi as a backup tracking method. Tracki listens to the MAC ID of nearby Wi-Fi routers and matches the IDs to the Wi-Fi database to find your exact position when GPS isn’t available.

You can see the tracking in real time on a map that works with Google Street View. Get real-time alerts when the tracker passes a Geo-fence zone you set up. Get SOS, low power, speeding, and “start moving” alerts through the app, SMS, or email.

The device is covered for life, even if it gets lost or broken. Tracki is cutting-edge software that is easy to set up and works right out of the box. Tracki comes with top-rated apps for smart phones that work with Android, iOS, and all web sites.

There is a monthly fee of $19.95 USD, or you can pay as little as $9.95 USD if you pay for a long time in advance. Attachments like a magnet and a waterproof rubber cover that looks like a dog are included.

You can Buy this Tracker HERE!

Best GPS Trackers For Your Pets

  1. DE-TECH PET Bundle Pack Q68 PET Tracker: Q68 pet tracker is a Waterproof, Unlimited Range, LED Collar, SIM Card with Free 1 Month Trial Everything Included (Small, Orange).

Model Name: Q68

Style:  Modern


Special Feature: GPS

Shape: Square

Other Features About this Tracker

Needs a subscription and comes with one month of service for free Just turn on the t-mobile service on the SIM card that came with the phone.

Affordable plans $5 or $10 a month for unlimited internet, or $58 a year, which is half of what sum competitors charge for their service. Plus, you can try the service for free for a month.

Just turn on the sim card and use the month without a contract. Plus, it works with other sim cards like those from AT&T.

Tracks on the free setracker app, which links to Google Maps and has features like “Unlimited Range, Sound Guardian, and Waterproof.” With sound guardian, you can listen in on the device to find out what’s going on around your pet without the device making a sound.

Tracks in Real Time and Tracks Activities – With the LBS switch, the device can use GPS, WIFI, and wireless transmission to figure out where it is.

And keeps track of your health with steps, calories, and sleep. You can also set alarms for walks, meals, and other things.

History, Geo Fencing, and Battery: You can see where your pet has been in the past and store that information for up to 30 days.

Geofencing keeps your pet safe by making a safe zone between 200m and 2000m. Get a warning when your pet leaves the zone to let you know that your pet has left the safety zone you set up.

The battery lasts for three to five days on one charge. If you keep looking for your pet every day for two to three days. SOS Built-in button, two-way calling, and sound play-store 3 emergency numbers.

So if your pet goes missing and someone finds it and presses the button, it will immediately call the 3 contacts and send them a text.Plus, it has a built-in speaker and microphone so you can make calls and talk through it.

You can find your pet easier at night or if it likes to hide by playing a sound or calling it. The led collar will also help keep your pet safe.

  1. Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker: – This tracker clips onto your pet’s collar and tracks their location in real-time with a real-Time Tracking Pet Tracker No Monthly Fee. It is also a Dog Tracker Without Cellular Signals that works perfectly.

With this Pet Tracker Without Mobile Phones, you can enjoy unlimited resourceful ways to track your pets and it’s also works with GPS.

It also monitors their activity levels to help keep them  healthy and provides custom activity goals.

You can even set up a geofence to receive alerts if your pet wanders too far away. Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker No Subscription is required.

You can Buy this Tracker HERE!

Other Features About Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker

There are no monthly or yearly fees. Dog Tracker: Don’t pay any more membership fees or monthly fees.

The Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker gives you free tracking for life, so you can keep an eye on your dog and save money at the same time.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing where your pet friend is without having to think about high monthly costs.

Tracking That Works Even Without Cell Service: Track your dog even when there isn’t a good cell service.

This dog GPS tracker works without phones, so you can keep track of your dog without having to rely on mobile networks. No matter where you are, keep your dog safe and sound.

The Aorkuler Pet Tracker with GPS is made for dogs who like to play outside and go on adventures. It can withstand water. With an IP67 grade for water resistance, it can handle messy rolls and fun by the river without a problem.

READ; Track a GPS Tracker: How to track a GPS tracker

The tracker also has a stronger alarm sound and a bigger alarm light, which makes it easy to find during outdoor activities. It’s easy to carry and made to last, so it’s great for different dog play scenes and gives you peace of mind.

GPS that is accurate and up to date Dog Collar: With the Aorkuler Pet Tracker with GPS, you can keep a close eye on where your dog is. This smart tracker gives you accurate and LIVE tracking, which makes it easy to find your dog in an open area. You no longer have to worry about losing your pet.

The Aorkuler dog GPS tracker is easy to use and protects your privacy. It makes it easy to keep track of your dog. You don’t need an app, and it gives you clear direction and distance information in REAL TIME. You can rest easy knowing that the tracker doesn’t collect any personal information about your dog.

  1. TabCat Homing Tags v2 Pet Cat/Kitten Tracker – New Longer Range & Smaller More Accurate Than GPS.  This tracker not only tracks your pet’s location but also connects them to the Fi community, where you can connect with other pet owners and receive lost pet alerts.

It’s also waterproof and has a long battery life, making it perfect for adventurous pets.

Other Features About this Tracker

NO SUBSCRIPTION NEEDED – Tabcat is different from most GPS tracks in that it doesn’t require a monthly fee. You only have to pay once to find your cat for years.

Find your cat quickly with the most accurate direction-finding cat tracker ever made. Unlike GPS works indoors and outdoors. You can use the handset’s audio and visual cues to find your cat even in the hardest places to look.

HIGHLY ACCURATE: The signal from the cat’s homing tag on the collar is picked up by the directed handset, which tells you which way to walk.

As you get closer, the red, yellow, and green lights on the handset and the beeps make it clear that you are getting close. Tabcat is the only finder that works as well as it does. It’s accurate to within 2.5 cm/1 inch.

BETTER THAN GPS: Our Radio Frequency technology, which we have invented, can find your cat anywhere in the house, in the fields next door, or on the street.

Even if your cat is stuck somewhere like a shed, closet, or tree. (Range will change based on your location and environment). There are no secret costs or regular payments. All you need to do is buy one Tabcat to protect your cat for years to come.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND SMALL – The 5 gramme tracking tag is easy to put on your pet’s collar and can be worn by either a cat or a baby. GPS is a lot less heavy, cheaper, and more reliable.

You can even teach your cat to come home when called, so you don’t have to look for it. Protective, splash-proof silicone cases are included and can be attached to the cat’s collar. These cases keep the tags dry and help protect them from any knocks or bumps.

You can Buy this Tracker HERE!

Best GPS Trackers For Your Peace of Mind

These GPS trackers can actually give you rest of mind if you decide to choose any of them. In these categories of GPS trackers, you can pick any of them and that will serve on your pets, car and on kids.

  1. AngelSense GPS Tracker – Designed for children with special needs, this tracker offers real-time location tracking, voice monitoring, and even sends alerts if your child leaves a designated area or is in an unusual situation.

It’s designed to give parents peace of mind and keep their children safe. This is not available in the USA but outside USA.

The first month of service is free, and it’s easy to set up when you get there. MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED – $49.99 per month with a one-year contract and includes SIM card, unlimited tracking, 60 voice minutes per month, premium safety features, and more | RISK FREE 30 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Guardian Kit Includes: GPS Device with Speakerphone, Soft Wearable Sleeve, Non-Removable Fasteners, Parent Key, Unlimited Live US Customer Care Assistance | ACCURATE & RELIABLE GPS tracking that works all day and in real time.

SAFEST GPS TRACKER for autism, special needs, and dementia – Only tracker with constant all-day tracking | Advanced Safeguard GPS for most accurate position – Find your loved one as soon as possible if they run away.

ASSISTIVE SPEAKERPHONE: Talk to your child or listen in to make sure they’re okay. Auto-answer for special needs and an SOS call button let you know when they need you. Live tracking with no limits, customizable geofence safe zones, guardians, detailed location and travel history, and more.

Only available with AngelSense, INTELLIGENT iALERTS automatically learns your daily routine and sends you alerts when things that could be dangerous happen: early departure, unexpected places, late arrival, and late departure.

SAFE RIDE MONITORING: Live Route, Max Speed, ETA, Unexpected Delays and Stops. Know if they miss the bus, get off at the wrong stop, the bus breaks down, or got off the bus but didn’t go to school. Other GPS devices can only send messages for pre-set geofences, but we can keep an eye on your loved one wherever they are.

EMERGENCY SEARCH TOOLS to send a live map link to a temporary spot. Find out how far away you are from your loved one and how to get there. ALARM to find them if they hide or get lost in a crowd.

WELL-BEING tools such as Step Counter, Listen-In, Location Activity Playback, etc. SCHOOL DASHBOARD that can be changed during school hours and only teachers and school staff can view.

READ; Track a GPS Tracker: How to track a GPS tracker

EASY-TO-USE APPS for iOS, Android, and Windows phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. It finds and names places automatically, is fully customizable, lets you add guards and set rights, turn features on and off, and lets you choose what alerts and notifications you want and how to get them (Push, Email, and SMS).

NON-REMOVABLE & SENSORY SENSITIVE WEARING SLEEVE INCLUDED – There are optional waterproof, belt, and undershirts. Live customer service from pros in the United States who use AngelSense for their own children, plus a community for people with special needs. With this GPS tracker, you now believe how the GPS tracker works.

Moreso, you can Buy this Tracker HERE!

  1. Brickhouse GPS Tracker: This tracker not only tracks your vehicle’s location but also monitors driving habits like speed, acceleration, and braking. It sends alerts if there are any issues with your car and even offers maintenance reminders. It’s perfect for keeping an eye on teenage drivers or shared family vehicles.

Moreso, Brickhouse GPS Tracker for Vehicles – Spark Nano 7 Car Tracker Device w/Magnetic Waterproof Case – Hidden Real-Time 4G LTE Vehicle Finder – Kids, Asset, Motorcycle GPS Tracker – subscription Required but cheap.

Other Features About this Tracker

SMALL GPS TRACKER: Magnetic tiny car tracking device is small, which makes it perfect for attaching to any vehicle or mobile object. This device is a good thing to have in your car in case it gets stolen.

4G COVERAGE: The GPS car tools can cover all of North America. People can cross state and foreign lines without losing important information when they use this perfect long-distance car tracking devices. The Spark Nano 7 GPS tracker works on super-fast 4G networks in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

MAGNETIC AND WATERPROOF VEHICLE FINDER: The sturdy case is made to hold the Spark Nano 7 small tracker. It keeps the tracker firmly attached to cars so it can keep recording even in bad weather. Both cars and motorbikes can use the Spark Nano 7. It can also be used as a GPS tracker for a whole group.

REAL TIME GPS TRACKER FOR VEHICLES: With a subscription-based GPS trackers, you can keep track of where your car and its driver are at all times. Users will be able to get real-time and historical reports of speed, geofencing violations, full trip records, and settings from any web browser, no matter where they are. You can Buy this Tracker HERE!

  1. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker – This device is a – Waterproof Magnet Mount. It’s full Global Coverage. There is also a 4G LTE Real-Time Tracking for Vehicle, Asset, Fleet, Elderly and more. However, subscription is required.

Features: Style: Personal Real Time micro GPS Tracker

Brand: LandAirSea

Special Feature are the Alert Notification, Geo-Fence, Location History, Rechargeable, Motion Activated, Real Time Tracking are all included.

Connectivity Technology:  4G LTE & 5G

Supported Application:   GPS

Other Features About this Tracker

Personal GPS for reliable tracking of people, vehicles, and/or assets.Control Method:Application.Special Feature:Waterproof.Water Resistant: Yes

Ultra-compact design | 100% Waterproof | Built-in Super Strength Magnet

Attaches to vehicle | Fits in small pockets | Discretely hide in a backpack, case or purse

Track & map (with Google Maps) in realtime on web-based software or SilverCloud App

Text & email alerts | Geofencing | Vehicle Tracking | Location Reporting | Historical Playback. Waterproof, dustproof GPS Tracker with an Internal Magnet


No matter what you need to track, there is a GPS tracker out there for you. With so many different options available, it’s important to consider your specific needs and choose the one that best fits.

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